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at 10:00 am on Sunday mornings

1658 Lincoln Ave, St Paul, MN 55105
(651) 698-8871

List of Winning Hymns

1996 Work for social justice Who Will Speak a Word of Warning

1997 Nurture and care for children Gentle Jesus, Loving Shepherd
The Children We Hold Dear
The People Came From Everywhere

1998 Role of the changing church How Long Ago the World was Taught
Companion of the Poor
O Hear My Voice, My People
God Asked, “Whom Shall I send forth?”

1999 Environmental stewardship The Garden Needs Our Tending Now

2000 Hebrew prophets’ calls for justice As the Bear that Roams the Timber

2001 Greater inclusivity O God, By Whose Guidance Your People Are Led

2002 GLBT Face and Facets
Though the Spirit’s Gifts are Many
the Love that Goes Unspoken
In the Desert Where They’d Wandered

2003 Work for peace O God of Peace, Who Gave Us Breath and Birth
God Is Still Speaking

2004 Celebrate religious diversity and Creator of the Intertwined
encourage interfaith dialogue

2005 Homeless and affordable housing The Church of Christ Cannot Be Bound
If God Is Anywhere at All
A Home for All is God’s Desire

2006 Forgiveness To Dream of It Is Wondrous
Disarming Presence, Win Us

2007 Mother’s Day Thank You, God, for Mother
O Loving Creator, We Labor With You

2008 Cry out in anger and frustration to God Earth Is Aching
Can We Curse Without Blaspheming?

2009 Unemployed God, Bless the Work Your People Do
When work of Heart and Hand Align

2010 Social Reform God, We Know That on This Planet
Land of Bounty! Land of Beauty!

2011 Economic Equality We Learned the First Part Long Ago
Now Hear the Words of Jesus
Seek the Welfare of the City

2012 Injustice Now Is the Time to Speak

2013 Advent and Christmas Newborn Child Now Sleeping
A Mystery, A Miracle

2014 God’s presence in current social changes A Hymn for Peace
and changes in the church God of Constant New Creation

2015 Language of love and inclusiveness O God, Bestow Your Love and Care

2016 Communion for all ages By Sacred Song and Wine and Bread

2017 Sanctuary Let All in Safety Gather Here
God our Refuge, our Redeemer

2018 No contest presented No hymn awarded

2019 Racial Justice TBD in March 2020