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Current Hymn Contest Winner

We are pleased to announce the results for our 2017 contest. The $400 prize-winning hymn is Let All in Safety Gather Here written by Mr. William Allen Pasch of Griffin, Georgia, U.S.A. The judges also awarded a $100 honorable mention prize to Mr. Mark Nabors of Sewanee, Tennessee, U.S.A. for his hymn God our Refuge, our Redeemer. More information soon to come.

2017 Prize Winning Hymn: Let All in Safety Gather Here
by William Allen Pasch, Griffin, GA

Meter LM (8888)

Let all in safety gather here.
The Shepherd guards a spacious fold,
A stronghold safe from deadly foes,
By hate or greed or fear made bold.

Dire needs for refuge multiply.
Threats rage toward more than humankind.
Earth’s vast, rich bounty may be lost
When faith and care are not aligned.

Safe shelter blessed as sacred space
Gives life not just in walls of stone.
In fertile loam of sharing hearts
Great yields of Love’s best fruit are grown.

Yet safety should be felt and seen.
Mere good intentions can be frail.
True danger lurks outside the fold.
Love’s righteous action must prevail.

May worship houses heed their call
As welcomers to God’s embrace,
Protecting all where feasts are spread,
Renewing hope by living Grace.

Copyright 2017 © William Allen Pasch
All rights reserved.

2017 Honorable Mention Hymn: God our Refuge, our Redeemer
by Mark Nabors, Sewanee, TN

Suggested tune TOMTER (Bruce Neswick)
Meter 87.87

God our refuge, our redeemer,
Saving grace in times of need:
In this world of fear and violence,
Help your Church your call to heed.

God our crag, our rock, our stronghold,
Shelter from the sinking sand:
As earth’s empires fall and crumble,
Help your Church on you to stand.

God our only hope and beacon,
Goodness shining in our lives:
When the darkness overwhelms us,
Help your Church reflect your light.

God our only sanctuary,
Safety in the wilderness:
When the foes of love enrage us,
Help your Church the Truth confess.

God whose Name is love and justice,
Who makes earth and heaven new:
Break down walls that separate us;
Help your Church to love like you.

Copyright 2017 © Mark Nabors
All rights reserved.