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Young Adult Service Communities (YASC)

The UCC’s Young Adult Service Communities (YASC) is a national network of intersecting local programs developing justice leaders in the church and the world. The invitation is to join the growing number of young adult leaders changing the world through faith-inspired pursuit of justice, collaborative action, and intentional living. Young adult participants (ages 21-35) serve for one year, working each week with both a community agency and a UCC congregation.

Program Overview

Ages 21-35

Program length:
11 months

Approximate start and end dates:
September 2018 – August 2019


Housing and health insurance provided


YASC participants here at Macalester Plymouth United Church serve 8 hours/week in a leadership role at the church and 32 hours/week at a local nonprofit partner organization. Both the church and the partner organization are located in St. Paul, Minnesota. This year’s nonprofit partner is Interfaith Action of Greater Saint Paul, an organization focused on issues related to poverty. YASC participants work on the organization’s program Opportunity Saint Paul. You can read the position description here.


Participants live together in an apartment or house and form intentional community. Living with others who share their commitment to service and social justice, they have space to reflect on questions of meaning and to network for change.


Affiliation: United Church of Christ

The UCC identity of the Young Adult Service Communities emerges from the UCC host congregation (Macalester Plymouth United Church). Participants from all faith backgrounds (or no faith background) are welcome, though they must be willing to serve in the Mac Plymouth congregation and be open to discussing faith and spirituality in a progressive Christian context. Participants also meet weekly with a “spiritual sojourner” to spend time on reflection and discernment.


You can find more information about the national YASC program on the UCC’s YASC website.