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A View from Here

Exploring Faith and CommunityMacalester Plymouth United Church

June 12, 2020

Rev. Adam Blons

Some say, “Time heals all wounds.” I don’t think that’s quite right. Healing takes time but also a lot of energy. Both. 

That is what we are noticing again during this time Megan is recovering from surgery. Even though the surgery and her transition home went well, and she is making steady progress, healing happens over time and requires a lot of energy. And, the extra energy that is needed to facilitate healing must come from somewhere else in the body. She’s had to do less to promote healing.
Though many have begun talking about healing in our community, it is clear that time alone will not be enough to bring justice, recovery, and peace to our community. It will also take redirecting our energy.  

Jesus saw himself as a conduit for healing energy. Somehow, he redirected with the longing of his community to align with the love of an ever-present God to address the pain and trauma of people and his community. He didn’t see himself as the source of this energy but allowed it to flow through him. As followers of Jesus, are we willing to redirect not only our energy—our money, our time, our skills, and our faith—but lead others around us towards change? Are we willing to become more connected to the larger movement in our community towards justice and healing? I know we are.

What might we need to give up to have more energy for this important work?