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Worship: 10:00am

1658 Lincoln Ave, St Paul, MN 55105
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Worship This Week

Sunday, March 24 @ 10am

Rev. Kelly Stone will be preaching (Luke 14:12-14).

Youth Mission Trip Silent Auction ends – make your final bid! Please stop and check out the Youth Mission Trip Fundraiser tables.

After worship
Faith Formation – Adult (Parable Playhouse)
Lenten Series for Adult Faith Formation
“Living Your Discipleship: 6 ways to Express Your Deepest Calling”

Worshiper, Witness, Neighbor, Forgiver, Steward, Prophet. Am I these things? Am I supposed to be? Is the person sitting next to me doing all of these?

How we live our Christian values and beliefs is as important as the beliefs themselves. This weekly Lenten series is an opportunity to set aside time to think, share, and discuss opportunities for you to live your life as a disciple.

Take a chance and make your way to the Parable Playhouse Room in the basement after worship any Sunday through April 14. There will be brief readings, short videos, and plenty of discussion built around the book “Living Your Discipleship; 7 Ways (yes, we left one out to fit into Lent) to Express Your Deepest Calling” by Kathleen Cahalan. Prior reading is not required, although there will be a collection of books available for those who would like to read on their own.

Afternoon/Evening Programs
OWL (5th– 6th grades) – 12pm (Plymouth Room)
OWL (10th– 12th grades) – 12pm (Conference Room)
OWL (Parents) – 12pm (Garden Room) 

Preschool Board Meeting – 2pm (Conference Room)

Youth Fellowship – 6pm (Social Hall)


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