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Worship This Week

Sunday, June 24 at 10am

Rev. Corinne Freedman Ellis will be preaching (Genesis 21:9-20).

Grit and Grace: Women of the Bible
Our summer worship series focuses on stories of women in the Bible. We chose 14, but there are many more women, named and unnamed, whose stories tend to be less familiar to us because of the male authorship and canonization of our scripture. This summer, we seek to lift up voices that have historically been silenced, and we invite everyone into a time of sacred imagination: without much information about many of these women, what stories can we read into their stories? How can we seek to understand their lives and their world? What do they have to teach us today?

June 3: Shiphrah and Puah
June 10: Esther
June 17: Lydia
June 24: Hagar

July 1: The Syrophoenician Woman
July 8:  Bathsheba
July 15: Leah
July 22: Huldah
July 29: Hannah

August 5: Mary Magdalene
August 12: Rahab
August 19: Deborah
August 26: The Unnamed Women of the Bible

Ly Lee’s Farmers Market is back starting today, Sunday, June 24 in the Social Hall! Please remember to bring a reuseable bag and cash! She will be here all summer.

Coffee continues during the summer by popular request. Sunday, June 24, CongFell will have donuts during social hour. Freewill donations will be accepted.

Table Talks Return
The congregation is invited to gather for conversation following worship each week this summer.  Following the similar pattern we had in February/March, there will be tables in the social hall where you can gather after worship for conversation.  Two of the tables will be the same every week:  1) a Sermon Talk Back table for sharing reflections on the sermon of the day (with a minister or member of the adult faith formation team); 2) a Voting Our Faith table for discussion of the role of faith and church in this fall’s upcoming elections (facilitated by a minister or someone who has been involved with ISAIAH’s voter engagement efforts).  There will also be open tables that anyone can claim to lead discussions on other topics.