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Refugee Co-Sponsorship

In a time when refugees are being reviled and threatened daily for political gain, MPUC will be lighting a candle against that kind of gloom by cosponsoring a newly arriving refugee family, via our Mission & Social Justice Committee, plus volunteers.

Minnesota Council of Churches is the lead co-sponsor in this project.  They’ve given us a detailed Refugee Co-Sponsorship Guide. Members of their expert staff do the “heavy lifting” parts as we partner with them. We are adjunct to them throughout a 4-month period.

We welcomed Chantal, Semucyo, Eric, Yves, Nadine, Kevin, and Denise on June 22, 2016!

refugee team leadersTeam Leaders

The team leaders of the Macalester Plymouth Refugee Co-Sponsorship project met on Sunday June 12. Here are some of them. From the left: Don Christensen (project co-chair), Kathy Kerr (project co-chair), Melody Ward (Minnesota Council of Churches), and Rev. Adam Blons of MPUC.

Updates from our Volunteers

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Exploring Faith and Community • Macalester Plymouth United Church July 30, 2020 Rev. Adam Blons The work of the church continues, not just here at Macalester Plymouth United Church, but through our local and national denominations. Both the United Church of Christ and the Presbyterian Church (USA) work on our behalf, advocating for social justice, nurturing the church…

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“If racism is not about hate, then the answer to racism is not love. It is justice. “

A View from Here

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Over the last two weeks, I have been sitting with the question, “What are the behaviors of white allies in anti-racism work?”