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For over 160 years Macalester Plymouth has been a bold and faithful spiritual community, seeking to grow in love of God and neighbor. Our ministries both within and beyond the church are driven by our commitments to authentic worship, open-minded faith, surprising hospitality, a connecting spirit, compassionate community, prophetic witness for justice and sustainable stewardship. Your contributions support music for children, our work as a sanctuary church for immigrants, service trips for youth, lively worship for all ages, groups that care for creation and welcome refugees, and the transformation of lives through community. Giving is a spiritual practice, an invitation to grow, not an obligation.

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ESG Investments and the MPUC Endowment
Every year, many of us periodically take stock of our personal finances such as taxes and retirement funds. We do the same at Macalester Plymouth with ongoing monitoring and as-needed changes to our church’s endowment fund.

Created in 1968 from the sale of the Plymouth Church building with added donor gifts over the years, the Macalester Plymouth endowment had about $459,000 in Q3 2020.  The fund is professionally managed and investment returns are used to help support our church operating fund and supplement the annual pledges and contributions. Mindful of our stewardship over this endowment, in 2019 we researched a major movement underway known as “Responsible Investing” and more specifically Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing. In 2019 more than 25% of U.S. investments were in ESG type funds and the percentage was growing quickly.  With an ESG approach to investing, funds can be analyzed and scored according to the responsibility that the fund shows toward environmental, social, and governance factors. In this system, companies are proactively identified that intentionally work to address climate change, human rights, business ethics, energy footprint, and many other such subjects. See the chart from RBC below for a more complete overview. After review and discussion, the Finance Committee and the Session approved a revised Investment Policy in late 2019 that includes ESG Screening criteria and specifically opposes investment in fossil fuel-related funds.

The results have been very good.  As of Q3 2020, our portfolio’s rate of return was higher than that of a comparable benchmark.   So, not only are we trying to do the right thing with our own investments, but we have joined many other churches, colleges, and investors in encouraging businesses to act responsibly.  

Individuals can also take advantage of ESG funds.  Just like the church, we can all individually choose to use ESG funds in our retirement or other investment portfolios.  Of course, you should consult your own investment advisor for advice.