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Youth Mission Trip & Mini-Mission Trip Sunday

We have a long tradition in our congregation of high school mission trips, weeks of service in a variety of destinations focusing on different social issues. Each year, youth choose a destination that reflects their passions and interests. Last year, we brought back a tradition of our junior highers participating on a similar trip for a half-week in Minneapolis. This summer, a total of 30 youth and 10 adult leaders participated in these trips!

Do you want to know more about what our high schoolers learned about poverty, gentrification, and housing in Denver? Or get an inside look at some of our local Twin Cities nonprofits through the eyes of our junior highers? Are you interested in how these trips shape the faith of our young people? Then be sure to join us in worship on August 12 as these youth share reflections on their experiences. Stick around after the service for our Per Capita Pie Potluck and more opportunity for questions and conversation.