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ISAIAH Event at Mpls Convention Center

Culminating with the November mid-term elections, a lot has been achieved.  The landscape for progressive people of faith looks and feels more hopeful and promising than it did a year ago.  But this is no time for complacency; the work continues.  In between elections, we must work with our elected leaders to make sure they advance multi-racial democracy, a caring economy, justice for immigrants, and a just response to climate change.  What are you called to do?   You can start by coming and bringing others with you to the Mpls. Convention Center on Saturday, January 19 at 11am.  ISAIAH is gathering folk from diverse communities of faith throughout Minnesota for leadership training and dialogue with our elected officials about the  work that lies before us.  Help the MPUC ISAIAH Core Team meet our goal of 50 participants on January 19.  For more information talk with Sherryl Livingston, Don Christensen, and Marnie Johnson.