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Dunk Tank and Pie Sunday

Have you heard about “per capita” or OCWM [Our Church’s Wider Mission]?
  These are the support programs for our Presbyterian and UCC denominations respectively. Each year, our church contributes to both providing basic support for the ongoing mission and ministries
of our denominations. We contribute a certain amount based partly on the number of members we have, so we often use the term “per capita” to refer to our overall denominational support. Each year,
we ask congregation members for contributions to help offset this denominational support. Our budgeted goal is to raise $4,000 in 2019 toward the overall required amount of $10,872.

Similar to last year, we thought we should have some fun with this! The Finance and Stewardship Committee is once again planning an after church event on Sunday, August 4 to raise awareness of the need for each of us to contribute our slice of the pie to our denominations ($26 per member). In fact, we’re inviting everyone to bring a pie to church as well as your per capita financial contribution to the cause. You can be creative! Pizza pies, quiches, and other round treats are welcome.

And, last but not least, contributors will have the chance to dunk Adam, our Lead Minister in a dunk tank! But that’s not all! This year Corinne is planning on being dunked also! So, mark your calendars
for August 4 and don’t miss this fun and important event.