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1658 Lincoln Ave, St Paul, MN 55105
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Youth Scone Fundraiser

The youth group will be baking and selling scones on Sunday Sept. 8 before and after worship. Prices remain at $1 each and 6 for $5. Along with cranberry scones, we will have plain scones available. Thank you for your continued support of the junior and senior high youth. Enjoy the scones!

Summer Social Hall Improvements

This summer, the last of the Brick by Brick Capital Campaign projects will be completed: painting and re-carpeting the social hall. Thanks to the incredible generosity of the congregation, we accomplished all of our campaign goals with just enough money left to do this one remaining priority. The social hall is one of our most…

Walk with our Neighbors to End Hunger

The St. Paul CROP Hunger Walk is an annual event, sponsored by Church World Service, to raise funds to fight hunger in St. Paul and around the world. MPUC participated in the past, but has not for a few years. This year we will be walking side by side with members from Camphor Memorial United…