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Learning & Fellowship

Regenerative Agriculture – Presentation by Michael Stoick

After church on September 9, 2018, Michael Stoick gave a presentation on regenerative agriculture and the value of healthy soil. If you missed the presentation or want to revisit the information, you can find the slideshow presentation here! Also, if you’re looking for inexpensive compost bags, you can now get them at the church! Compostable…

Creation Season Comes Down to Earth

So many parts of creation are in crisis these days that it’s hard to limit our concerns to one thing. But given the alarming loss of arable land, and the impacts of soil contamination, desertification, and salinization on ecosystems, world hunger, and species’ survival, we have chosen to focus this year’s creation season on soil.…

Coming Soon: Prayground!

What is a “Prayground?” A prayground is a place in the front of the sanctuary where young children can experience worship through age-appropriate worship materials and tools that will help keep them engaged in worship. Children are in the midst of the congregation, with parents nearby, where they can see, hear and experience worship. Why…