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Compassionate Community Feeds 224

The “compassionate community” was clearly evident in the outpouring of assistance to make it possible for 214 diners to have a hot meal Sunday night, November 18.

Donating the ingredients for the meal were Lydia Crawford, Tim & Laura Donovan, Lynn Douma, Heather Finden, Krys Fischer, Emily Gurnon, Bree Holgers, Kelly Hulander, Jim Law, Connie Lindberg, Pam Nelson, Maggie Passmore, Becky Rice, James Stanway, Marie Tierney, and Bob & Mary Tipping.

Completing “hot prep” – dicing, slicing, browning mixing, can opening – for the main course and vegetables – were Joel Chirhart, Laura & Tim Donovan and Marn & Joe Frank. “Cold prep” – – buttering many, many loaves of bread, rolling over 100 sets of spoons & forks into a napkin, and opening lots of canned fruit was handled by Sophia & Karen Parker, Maria Soroka, and Marie Tierney.

Serving the meal and greeting the guests were friend of the church Bonnie Benson; Louise Cameron, Rachel & Don Christensen, Dan Craig, Bonnie & John Driggs, Jeff Hall, Connie Lindberg, Deborah Schmedemann, and Scott Spencer.

As a congregational member of Loaves and Fishes we will shop, prep, cook, and serve again on January 20. So, we’ll be tipping into the “compassionate community” once again.