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From Jan Snell – November 2018

Dear MPUC family,

It is a wet, gloomy October day as I am writing to you, and I must say that I am struggling with what to share with you.

The mid-term election looms.  It is hard to look beyond it to Thanksgiving, Advent, and preparations for the annual Christmas pageant.

But look ahead we must, because, as Christians, we are called to be people of hope. We vote, we worship, we serve, and we share, because of that hope.  I know that I cling to that hope, now more than I ever have.

So, let’s look ahead.

Pageant sign up and preparations will begin on Sunday, November 11.  The pageant itself will be held on Sunday, December 16 at 10 a.m.  It is always a joyful day!

As we look to Thanksgiving, we may have to work harder to say what we are thankful for, but I know there are many, many blessings that we all have experienced that will give us the motivation to bow our heads in thanksgiving.

As you look to your own gatherings with family, friends and neighbors, considering offering the blessing after the meal, as dessert is shared. Food is not getting cold, and lingering at the table with the people we care about is a blessing in itself. Kids can be invited back to the table for the blessing, if they have already left the table.

I encourage you all to make the blessing and the expressions of gratitude something you plan ahead for, just as the food shopping, the table setting, and food preparation are planned for.

May we all experience grace, peace and hope as we move into this season of gratitude.

In God’s service

Jan Snell