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Creation Season Comes Down to Earth

So many parts of creation are in crisis these days that it’s hard to limit our concerns to one thing. But given the alarming loss of arable land, and the impacts of soil contamination, desertification, and salinization on ecosystems, world hunger, and species’ survival, we have chosen to focus this year’s creation season on soil. As in years past, when we focused on themes of water and trees, we will balance our attention between the wonder of this resource and its now precarious condition.

Biblically speaking, we think the theme of “Holy Ground,” captures this idea perfectly. The reference comes from the book of Exodus, when God uses a burning bush to get Moses’ attention, and then tells him to “take off his sandals” because the ground on which he is standing is “holy ground” (Ex. 3:5). The idea is that in God’s presence, any ground on which we are standing is holy, and in the midst of creation, we are always in the (grounding) presence of God…

Our worship and music, our fellowship and faith formation activities will give us multiple ways to explore this theme, from a “locovore” potluck on the 9th to special guest George Boody of the Land Stewardship Project on September 30 for a talk on soil health after the service.

So before the summer ends, we’re inviting you to dig up some dirt . . . not the gossip kind, but real dirt . . . sand, humus, loam, clay . . . from a place that is meaningful to you and to bring it to church. Whether it comes from a lakeshore, a garden commons, a dirt road, a backyard, a potted plant, or a mud-caked shoe, it will help to remind us of our sacred call to honor all of God’s creation.