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Coming Soon: Prayground!

What is a “Prayground?”

A prayground is a place in the front of the sanctuary where young children can experience worship through age-appropriate worship materials and tools that will help keep them engaged in worship. Children are in the midst of the congregation, with parents nearby, where they can see, hear and experience worship.

Why offer a Prayground?

After talking with parents the CE committee learned that some parents want their young children with them in worship, in ways that keep families together, instead of separating them. Our hope is that we can be inclusive of people of all ages and abilities in worship on Sunday

The other reason is that having a space specifically for young children in the sanctuary sends an important message to visitors and regular attenders that we want to be attentive to the needs of parents.

How will the prayground work?

The prayground will be offered on a trial basis, to see how it works for all worshipers, and to give us a chance to receive feedback, evaluate and make changes as needed. The prayground will be available starting September 9 and continue through October 7.

The prayground will be located at the front of the sanctuary, just behind the area where the projectionist would sit. There will be a rug, a bouncy seat for infants, and soft, quiet activities for children. Children will sit or kneel around a low table. There will be space around the area for several parents to sit.

The prayground will not be “staffed” so it will be up to each family to decide whether it is an appropriate activity for their child. We encourage parents to be close by. The nursery will still be available for children under 3 if parents prefer that option.

Each Sunday, with the exception of the first Sunday of each month, there will be preschool (3-5 year olds) Sunday School class and Kid’s Celebration (Kndg.-Grade 5) following the Children’s Message. As always,we will offer worship bags. Children will always be welcome to stay in worship and sit where they like.

Questions may be directed to Jan Snell or Doris Utke.