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Refugee Sponsorship Volunteer Update – Stephanie DeFrance Schmidt

August 3 – Stephanie DeFrance Schmidt

KevinDenise went to the clinic with Chantal, so Kevin, Semuyco, Addie, and I went by car to the Mounds Park Playground. First we looked out over the Mississippi a little bit (the lookout near the park has very leafy trees this time of year! Later it would be fun to do the lookout further down where you can see more). A much quieter group with only two kids! This is one of the newer playgrounds in the area. The kids climbed over spiderwebs, looked out of treetop lookouts, and spent time swinging. It was pretty hot and steamy today, so we also had a snack in the shade before leaving.

kevinThen we talked about possible soccer camp for Kevin for next week, a splash pad visit for the following week, and ran to Cub Foods quickly for fruit.


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